The Pakistan International Driving License has made it possible for Pakistani drivers to legally drive in 132 countries around the world. This is a big deal for Pakistani drivers. Due to Pakistan’s strict rules and laws, people who live there have had to get a foreign driving permit for a long time. However, getting a foreign permit has often been hard to do and has taken a long time. Thanks to this latest update, Pakistani drivers can now see more of the world and drive freely in many countries around the world.

The following countries are on the list in Which Pakistani International Driving Licenses are Valid:

  1. Pakistan Afghanistan
  2. France Algeria
  3. Africa: Angola
  4. Spain and Argentina
  5. Armenia
  6. New Zealand
  7. A Bahamas
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. India and Bangladesh
  10. The Belarus
  11. The Belize Islands
  12. Bhutan and Benin
  13. This is Bolivia
  14. Botswana and Bosnia
  15. Indonesia Brunei
  16. Greece and Bulgaria
  17. In Burkina Faso
  18. Africa: Cameroon
  19. The Canadian
  20. Portugal Cape Verde
  21. Republic of Central Africa
  22. Chad
  23. Spain Chile
  24. Brazil and Colombia
  25. The Comoros
  26. Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo)
  27. The Congo
  28. That’s what Ivory Coast is called.
  29. The Czech Republic
  30. In Djibouti
  31. The Dominica
  32. Egypt the Dominican Republic
  33. Santa Cruz, El
  34. The Equatorial Guinea
  35. This is Eritrea
  36. Africa: Ethiopia
  37. France Gabon
  38. Gambia
  39. Greece Georgia
  40. Sierra Leone
  41. Les Saintes
  42. Guam
  43. Costa Rica
  44. Africa Guinea Bissau, the Guinean Republic
  45. India Guyana
  46. The Hague
  47. The country of Honduras
  48. China Hong Kong
  49. Hong Kong
  50. Norway and Iceland
  51. Great Britain
  52. South Africa
  53. Iran
  54. That country
  55. China Japan
  56. Hi, Jordan
  57. Russia Kazakhstan
  58. Togo Kenya
  59. The island of Kiribati
  60. Japan (North)
  61. Saudi Arabia
  62. Laos and Lebanon
  63. Africa: Lesotho
  64. Free State of Liberia
  65. Egypt Libya
  66. Macau (Macao)
  67. North Macedonia
  68. In Madagascar
  69. Malaysia Malawi
  70. The Maldives
  71. Ma^ urina
  72. Kenya Mauritius
  73. Spain Mexico
  74. The country of Montenegro
  75. Tanzania and Malawi
  76. Burmese: Myanmar
  77. South Africa
  78. India Nepal
  79. Papua New Guinea
  80. Costa Rica
  81. Africa: Niger
  82. Africa Nigeria
  83. Oman
  84. South Asia
  85. Panama City
  86. New Guinea, Papua
  87. The country of Paraguay
  88. The Philippines
  89. Spain Portugal
  90. Doha, Qatar
  91. Catch up
  92. The Russian Federation
  93. Africa Rwanda
  94. Malaysia’s Sabah
  95. The island nation of Sao Tome and Principe
  96. Arabian Gulf
  97. Algeria Senegal
  98. Italy Serbia
  99. The Seychelles
  100. Ghana and Sierra Leone
  101. Hong Kong
  102. Africa South
  103. Spain, which has the Balearic and Canary Islands
  104. Tamil Nadu
  105. St. Vincent and St. Lucia
  106. South Sudan
  107. A Suriname
  108. In Swaziland
  109. Germany Sweden
  110. Russia Syria
  111. China and Taiwan
  112. Africa Tanzania
  113. The Thai
  114. Togo
  115. Tobago and Trinidad
  116. Algeria and Tunisia
  117. The Turkey
  118. Africa Uganda
  119. Russia Ukraine
  120. The United Arab Emirates
  121. USA
  122. UK
  123. Arabian Gulf
  124. Africa: Zambia
  125. Africa Zimbabwe

How to Get an International Driver’s License:

People who want to get an International Driving License must meet certain standards and carefully follow the application process. The applicant must bring a copy of their passport that has been attested, two passport-sized photos that have also been confirmed, three copies of their valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card), and a copy of their valid national driving license. For people aged 50 and up, a medical clearance may also be needed. For people applying at Motorway Police, a blood group report is required.

Steps to Apply:

To apply, you need to go to the office of the relevant Driving License Authority. People who want to apply must get a ticket and wait for their turn to enter data and have their eyes checked. Pictures from a live camera and biometrics are also used for proof. A computer-based test of traffic signs is also given, along with a written test based on real-life situations that can only be used at the Islamabad Traffic Police. After submitting all the required paperwork, applicants are taken to a practice driving test, where they can use their car or a car that the government provides, while a police officer watches over them.

The International Driving License is given out after the whole process is completed successfully. Within about a week, Pakistani drivers should get their licenses, which will let them start their foreign driving adventures. With easy access to 132 countries, there are now lots of fun ways to explore, do business, and learn about other cultures. It gives Pakistani drivers the confidence and ease to use foreign road systems, making trips abroad easier and more fun.