Borehole Camera is a special instrument for well testing, it uses the latest television camera technology, so well wall can be reflected on the monitor very clearly to the ground. The images can be saved on the disk, and it provides the reliable data for the various geological conditions in the mine.Borehole Camera is suitable for the engineering geology, hydro geology, geo-technical engineering, mining and petroleum geology and other industries. It can be used to detect fissure, dislocation, falling objects, blockage of filter pipe hole, position of fluid sand, bedrock fissures.


Water well inspection, Oil Well, Oil & Gas exploration, Salt well, Dry well, narrow spaces and corners inspection, inspection of all different conditions inside well, Minerals prospecting, cavity survey, construction projects, Dam Projects


Cable Length: 300 Meter

Winch: Electric Winch with 6 Core Cable

Diameter: 73mm Dual

Rotate Angle: 360 Degree side camera

Number of Camera: 2

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Bearing Pressure: Max 20Mpa

Depth Meter: With Digital Depth Meter (Real time depth) Depth Calibration

Display: 12 Inch bright LED display, visible outdoor

Anti Water Grade: IP68

Record Audio and capture videos

One click switch video display

Power input: 12V/220V

Camera Pixels: Sony CCD Camera

Focus Function: Yes

With U Disc to save video (32 G)

Memory: 32 G