Want to know how to change your Easypaisa account number? You’re in the right place. This guide will show you all the ways you can change your Easypaisa account number and walk you through each one step by step.

Tips on How to Change Your Easypaisa Account Number

These days, digital banking is very popular, and many people do their banking through apps like Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, and other banking apps. When you want to pay or receive money online in Pakistan, Easypaisa is one of the best services possible.

A lot of people have Easypaisa accounts and use them without any problems. However, some users have trouble because they change their phone numbers, are worried about security, or give the wrong information by accident. Since these things happen, they have to change their Easypaisa account number.

And because most people don’t know how to change their SIM number, they get help from the EasyPaisa franchise. Now you can solve your problem from the comfort of your own home by reading this piece.

How to Change Your Easypaisa Phone Number

You can change your Easypaisa account number in these ways.

The EasyPaisa app
If you do not use Telenor, you can change your Easypaisa account number. The steps listed below should be taken.

  • Open your EasyPaisa app and go to settings.
  • Clear your Easy Paisa app’s files.
  • Open the EasyPaisa app again and enter your new phone number.
  • Type in the date that your CNIC was issued.
  • Type in the 5-digit USSD code.
  • Just call *786# from your cell phone.
  • Use the OK button to send the question.
  • Type in the CNIC number and the date it was issued.
  • Type in your five-digit PIN.
  • Before you change your phone number,
  • Make sure the account you want to change doesn’t have any money in it.
  • If the balance is less than $300, money should be taken out.
  • Both SIMs should be linked to the same CNIC number.
  • Both SIM cards should be put into the same cell phone.
  • Go here to learn how to see what Jazz packages have been activated.

In conclusion

There you have it some of the best ways to change your Easypaisa account number. Do not be afraid to get in touch with us if you want to know more. We will be happy to help you. But don’t forget to follow the rules before you try to change your Easypaisa account number.

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