Hiring in Fly Jinnah standards for cabin crew shows how serious they are about providing great customer service and making sure everyone on their flights is safe. The people who work in the cabin are not only workers but also representatives of the airline. They are in charge of maintaining a good reputation and building customer loyalty.

Requirements For Hiring in Fly Jinnah:

Minimum Age:

Applicants must be at least 18 years old to show that they are mature and responsible.
Educational Requirements: Applicants must have verified SSC/HSC certificates or equivalents that show they have a basic level of education and skills.

Identification and Travel Documents:

You need a valid CNIC (National Identity Card) and passport for law and safety reasons.
Language Skills: Being able to speak and write English well is necessary for communicating with passengers and staff. Speaking more than one language is helpful because it lets the airline serve a wider group of passengers.

Physical Standards:

The cabin crew must meet certain physical standards, such as being at least 160 cm tall for women and 168 cm tall for men. Weight should be in line with age and height. Also, candidates must have clear skin that doesn’t show any marks or tattoos when they wear the outfit.

Health and Fitness:

To be a cabin crew member, a person must be medically and physically fit. This is to make sure they can do the job and behave properly in an emergency.

By following these rules, Fly Jinnah hopes to hire people who not only can do the job but also live up to the airline’s high standards of safety, efficiency, and friendliness. As the first people passengers see, cabin crew have a big impact on their overall experience and are a big part of Fly Jinnah’s reputation and success in the aviation business.

Fly Jinnah Cabin Crew Recruitment Criteria

Minimum AgeCandidates must be at least 18 years old, ensuring maturity and responsibility.
Educational QualificationsPossession of attested SSC/HSC certificates or their equivalent, demonstrating basic education and competency.
Identification and Travel DocumentsValid CNIC (National Identity Card) and passport are required for legal and security purposes.
Language ProficiencyFluency in English, both written and spoken, is crucial for effective communication with passengers and crew. Proficiency in other languages is advantageous.
Physical RequirementsMinimum height requirements of 160 cm for females and 168 cm for males. Weight should be proportionate to height and age. Clear skin with no visible marks or tattoos while wearing the uniform.
Health and FitnessCandidates must be medically and physically fit to perform cabin crew duties, ensuring they can handle job demands and respond effectively in emergencies.

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