The information technology (IT) sector in Pakistan experienced substantial growth during the first six months of the fiscal year 2023–24. Earnings reached a staggering $1,454.881 million, which represents a notable increase of 8.98% in comparison to the previous fiscal year.

IT Sector in Pakistan Services that are exported include:

There was a spectacular increase of 10.32% in the export of computer services, which reached $1,174.481 million in the first half of the fiscal year 2023–24. This represents a robust expansion in the export of computer services. It is important to note that, compared to software consultancy services, which experienced a modest decline, hardware consultancy services experienced a significant increase of 3.401%.

The decrease in the number of services for repair and maintenance in the IT Sector in Pakistan :

On the other hand, over the same time period, the export of repair and maintenance services experienced a considerable decrease of 39.15%, falling from $1.530 million to $0.930 million.

Developments in the Field of Computer Software Services:

The export and import of computer software services displayed positive growth, growing by 2.79% from $302.376 million to $310.807 million. This further contributed to the rise of Pakistan’s information technology sector.

These are the challenges that information services face:

The export of information services, on the other hand, had a decline of 19.72% due to the difficulties that were encountered. While there was a slight rise of 3.64 percent in the provision of information-related services, there was a significant decline of 30.48 percent in the provision of news agency services.

Expansion of Telecommunication Services:

On the other hand, telecommunication services experienced an overall increase of 3.89%, which resulted in earnings reaching a total of $278.650 million. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that call center services witnessed a significant gain of 12.14 percent, although other telecommunication services experienced a small reduction of 1.58 percent.


The first half of the fiscal year 2023–24 saw Pakistan’s earnings from information technology services display a significant increase. This growth in the IT Sector in Pakistan was driven by the country’s strong performance in computer services and certain parts of the telecommunications services sector. Despite this, difficulties continue to exist in certain areas, such as repair and maintenance services and specific information services, which highlights the necessity of developing tailored strategies to maintain and improve the growth trajectory of the specific industry. 

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