Pakistan is about to go through a significant time in its democratic past as it gets ready for the national Vote in Elections on February 8. The results of this election will determine who leads the country in the future and what happens to the 128 million people who voted.

Getting involved in civic events is an important part of making a democracy strong. And in Pakistan, voting is the best way to make sure your voice is heard. You can find everything you need to know about how to vote in Pakistan’s elections here.

To be able to vote in Pakistan, you must:

  • Be a citizen of the country
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a computerized national identity card (CNIC) issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA)
  • Not be found to be mentally unsound by a court of law
  • Live in the electoral area, which is based on the address on your CNIC.

Registration to Vote:

You can register to vote in Elections at any time of the year, but once the election dates are released, no new registrations will be accepted until after the elections.
Text your CNIC number to 8300 to find out where to vote and if you are eligible to vote. This will let you know if you are registered.

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Casting Your Vote in Elections 2024 :

To cast your vote in Elections 2024, you must:

  • Presenting yourself in person at the polling place with your original CNIC copies will not be accepted.
  • The person in charge will look up your name and number on the voter’s list, call it out, and cross it out to show that you have been given a ballot.
  • You will be given two ballots because the national and local assembly elections are held on the same day
  • Each ballot will have a stamp and signature on the back from the person in charge. Your vote will only be counted if the stamp or signature is there.
  • When you get your ballots, use the stamp with them to mark the place with the name and symbol of the candidate you want to vote for.
  • Put the voting paper into the ballot box and fold it in half lengthwise to keep the ink from spreading.
    If the ink gets on other people’s ballots, your vote might not count.
  • If you are unable to vote on your own, the person in charge may let someone help you finish the process.


You have a lot of power to shape the future of the country by taking part in the political process. Every vote in Elections you cast counts and helps Pakistan become more fair. Let your voice be the one that makes things better.

Frequently Ask Question

Is it required to vote in Elections Pakistan?

In Pakistan, voting is not required, but it is seen as an important civic task.

Can I vote even though I don’t have a CNIC?

No, you need a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) from NADRA in order to vote.

What will happen if I lose my CNIC on the day of the election?

You might not be able to vote if you lose your CNIC on election day. It is very important to keep your CNIC safe.

Can I vote even if I’m not in Pakistan on the day of the election?

Not at all. You have to be in Pakistan to vote in Elections the polls.

What if I mess up when I mark my ballot?

You can ask for a new vote from the person in charge if you make a mistake while marking it. Your vote must be counted properly.