What are debit cards and How to Use ATM Cards in Pakistan?

How to Use ATM Cards in Pakistan, An ATM is short for an automatic teller machine. ATMs connect to more than one network, like 1‐link, M‐Net, and others. Anyone with an ATM card can use one of these. There is a magnetic strip on an ATM card that has some protection information and a unique card number. It can be used at ATMs to make payments, and withdrawals, get account information, and do other things.

You don’t have to use a credit card, cash, or a check to pay for things. You can use a debit card instead.
As an ATM card, a debit card can also be used to get cash right away. A lot of banks have one debit card that can do both the job of an ATM card and a credit card.


Some machines are only ATMs that let you take money out of your account and do some basic account tasks, like checking your balance, paying fees, and moving money between accounts. You have to put a personal identification number (PIN) into these machines. They accept ATM cards.
A debit card’s number looks like a credit card’s, and it can be used to pay for things in the same way, both in person and online. It may take a while for the money to be taken out of your bank account after you do this. ATM cards and debit cards may look the same, especially when you are buying something. When you swipe your card, the money from your bank account is taken out to pay for the item. It’s now common for shops to have machines that can swipe both types of cards.

How to Use ATM Cards in Pakistan

The electronic banking system usually processes ATM card transactions right away, so the loss will show up in your bank account as soon as the transaction is over. The system can check to see if your account has enough money in it to cover the transaction. This keeps you from accidentally going overdrawn.

How to Use ATM Cards in Pakistan Pros

Because debit cards work like credit cards, they can be used in person, online, in catalogs, over the phone, or all of these places. The owner of the bank account usually doesn’t have to pay any fees for these kinds of purchases. Debit cards also use the customer’s bank account instead of adding to his credit card debt.

Guide How to Use ATM Cards in Pakistan

How to Use ATM Cards in Pakistan, you should make sure you follow these important safety rules:

Picking out a PIN

  • Don’t use numbers that are easy to figure out as your PIN, like your birthday, phone number, etc.
  • To keep your personal identification number (PIN) safe, remember it and never write it down, store it with your card, or let someone else enter it.
  • In answer to an email, never give out your PIN, card number, or personal details.
  • Do not share your personal identification number (PIN) with anyone else. You shouldn’t even give it to your family.
  • Change your PIN every so often, and right away if you think it might have been stolen.

Picking Out an ATM

  • If you can, use an ATM that you are already familiar with. Instead, pick ATMs that are well-lit and in a safe place where you feel at ease.
  • Do not use the ATM if it seems too isolated or risky.
  • Before taking out money, look around to see if anyone is doing anything fishy.
  • If something or someone seems fishy, you should leave the area right away. If you drive to an ATM, park close to the exit and look around the area from your car before getting out.
  • Always go to an ATM with someone else, especially at night.
  • As you wait in line for the ATM, don’t open your purse, bag, or cash. Before you go to the ATM, make sure you have your card ready.
  • Keep an eye out for anything strange or fishy about the ATM that could mean it has been tampered with. Do not use the ATM if it looks like it has something attached to the card slot or keypad.
  • Look for strange directions and blank screens that seem odd on the screen. If you think someone tampered with the ATM, go to a different one and call the bank.

Using a bank ATM

  • Go to a different ATM if you are asked to enter your PIN more than once or if you see strange words on the screen. The first time you enter your PIN, make sure the transaction doesn’t show up twice on your account. This could happen if the transaction times out or is canceled.
  • Stop people from “shoulder surfing” by standing between the ATM and the person who wants to use it. If you need to, cover the keyboard while you enter your PIN and the amount of the transaction.
  • Do not let anyone bother you while you are at the ATM.
  • Do not let a stranger help you use an ATM.
  • Do not push your card into the slot.
  • Spend as little time as possible at the ATM when you need to do business.
  • As soon as the deal is over, take your card, money, and receipt and leave the area right away. While you’re at the ATM, don’t count your cash.
  • If the ATM doesn’t give you back your card for any reason, call your bank right away.
  • Do what it says on the screen. For example, don’t type in your PIN until the machine tells you to.
  • If someone follows you after using an ATM, go somewhere with people, things to do, and safety.

How to Use ATM Cards Abroad

  • Check your account amounts to make sure you have enough cash to cover your trip costs. This will keep you from running out of cash while you’re away.
  • If you lose, steal, or have your card held by an ATM, you should have a backup plan ready. It could come in the form of cash, credit cards, traveler’s checks, or a second ATM card from a different company.
  • Let your bank know ahead of time and get a note added to your account so it doesn’t get flagged as fraudulent because of a sudden change in account activity. – Make sure your debit or ATM card has international support turned on. – Ask your bank for a phone number you can call from abroad in case of emergency.
  • A lot of ATMs abroad won’t take PINs that are longer than four numbers. Change your PIN if it’s too long.
  • A lot of foreign ATMs don’t have a “0” (zero) button. So, make sure you change your PIN before you go abroad.
  • Find out about fees for doing business abroad and changing currencies.
  • One way banks charge fees for withdrawals is a flat rate or a percentage of the amount taken out.
  • Before you go abroad, talk to your bank.
  • ATMs have limits on how much money you can take out each day that may or may not be the same as your bank’s limits. Find out how much you can take from your bank account, and make plans ahead of time in case the limits drop while you’re away.
  • When you pay for something, always check your ticket to make sure you aren’t using your home currency in a country that doesn’t use it. Ask the seller to do the purchase again in the local currency, and then call your credit card company right away to report the problem.
  • If the seller uses a foreign bank, you will have to pay fees in the foreign currency, even if the payment is made in your currency.

Protection of Card

  • Keep Your Card Safe: Make sure to sign your card as soon as you get it on the signature page.
  • Be careful with your card, treat it like cash, and keep it safe at all times.
  • Cards are affected by collisions from metal, electromagnetic waves, and the sun. Protect your card the right way.
  • Pay attention to when your card expires.

Other Tips on How to Use ATM Cards in Pakistan

  • If you lose or have your card taken, you should report it right away so that it is not used fraudulently and so that you are not held responsible.
  • If you move, you should let the bank know about your new address right away.
  • When you shop online, be careful and only use sites and networks that are safe.
  • Make sure that your bank card is only swung once in person, not on more than one device when you use it to buy something.
  • If there is a problem, call the bank’s call center and get a report number.
  • Regularly look over your account statements to find any activities that you didn’t make.
  • Do not throw away your receipts, mini-statements, or balance question slips; they may contain useful details. If you can, shred them before throwing them away.


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