Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has started its famous scholarships for students program for the school year 2024-2025. This is great news for students who want to go to college. This program aims to recognize and reward both academic and extracurricular achievements. It’s a great chance for students who want to go to college or higher school in the United Arab Emirates.

Diverse Scholarships Catering to Varied Needs

Avail Your Scholarships Now

ADU offers a wide range of scholarships to make sure that all students, no matter where they live, have the same chances. Here are some well-known scholarships:

Scholarships For Students at the undergraduate level

  • A 20% school fee waiver for ADU students who want to keep going.
  • Students with a CGPA of at least 3.60 can apply for Scholarships For Students.

Grads Scholarship for Postgraduate Programs:

  • Applicants or grads of Abu Dhabi University who are continuing their graduate studies will not have to pay 20% of their tuition.

Athletic Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs:

  • This gives students who play on Abu Dhabi sports teams a 25% school fee waiver.

University Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs:

  • This is for people from the GCC and the UAE and covers up to 50% of their costs.

Family Tuition Waiver for Undergraduate Programs:

  • This is for family members who are directly related to the student, like brothers, spouses, or parents with more than one student.
  • Waives up to 15%, 20%, or 25% of the school fee.

Merit-Based Graduate Scholarship

  • There is a merit-based graduate scholarship that lowers tuition fees by 25% for graduate students with a college degree and a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

This is the H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs:

  • A grant that pays for all of your costs, including tuition, application fees, registration fees, and other services.

Eligibility Criteria for Aspiring Scholars

Those who want to apply for these Scholarships For Students must meet certain requirements:

  • Scholarships For Students are available to students from all over the world and from the UAE.
  • The minimum GPA needed for bachelor’s and master’s grants is different.
  • Applicants must already have a valid student ID at Abu Dhabi University.

Application Process and Deadline

Once you have been officially accepted to ADU, you can start the registration process. Applicants can safely view the Financial Aid and Scholarships section of their university account once they are given a unique student ID. For the spring semester, the last day to apply for the Abu Dhabi University Scholarships is February 16, 2024.

Documents Required for Application

For consideration, applicants must send important papers such as a copy of their passport, transcripts, and degrees, an equivalency letter, a passport-sized picture, proof that they can speak and write English (IELTS or TOEFL), a copy of their Emirates ID (if applicable), and a police clearance certificate.

Abu Dhabi University is a well-known and respected school that is a model of academic success. It is a well-known institution in the UAE and has been ranked among the best universities in the world. ADU’s scholarships are meant to create a supportive learning environment so that students who deserve them can do well in school.