A momentous announcement was made by Ryan Wang, who is in charge of Chery’s Omoda and Jaecoo brands. The announcement stated that Chery intends to deliver a variety of Electric and Hybrid cars kinds to the flourishing Pakistani auto industry.

Specs Sheet:

Specs of cherry Pakistan

The Omoda E5: Redefining Electric Mobility

It is expected that the Omoda E5, Chery’s premier electric model, will lead to a paradigm shift in how Pakistanis think about electric cars. This all-electric marvel is not just a car; it represents a pledge to a better and more sustainable future. It has an impressive WLTP range of 430 kilometers, according to the World Highway Transportation Program. Chery’s commitment to developing environmentally friendly transportation solutions is demonstrated by the fact that a cutting-edge 61 kWh LFP battery powers the Omoda E5.

Jaecoo J7: Where Power Meets Versatility

For those seeking a dynamic driving experience, Chery presents the Jaecoo J7—an urban off-road crossover SUV designed to cater to diverse driving needs. Its heart roars with a 1600 CC turbocharged engine, generating a remarkable 194 horsepower. This powerhouse promises an exhilarating and dynamic driving experience, whether cruising through city streets or navigating off-road terrains. Chery’s commitment to versatility doesn’t end here—the Jaecoo brand plans to introduce a plug-in hybrid version of the J7 shortly, providing consumers with a hybrid technology option.

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Chery’s Commitment to Innovation: A Global Legacy

Chery introduces the Jaecoo J7, an urban off-road crossover SUV that is designed to suit a variety of driving needs. This vehicle is ideal for individuals who are looking for a dynamic driving experience. A phenomenal 194 horsepower is produced by its engine, which is a turbocharged 1600 cc engine. Its heart roars with power. This powerhouse guarantees a driving experience that is both exhilarating and dynamic, regardless of whether it is being driven through city streets or off-road terrains. The commitment to versatility that Chery has shown does not end here; the Jaecoo brand intends to launch a plug-in hybrid version of the J7 shortly, allowing customers to purchase a vehicle that utilizes hybrid technology.

Contributing to Transformation: Chery’s Impact on Pakistan

Chery envisions playing a major part in the future of Pakistan’s automotive landscape, which is currently undergoing a revolution. Chery’s goal is to make a meaningful contribution to the shifting dynamics of the automobile business in Pakistan by entering the market with a range of automobiles that combine innovative, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced specifications.

Joining the Movement: Embracing Chery’s Future

The entry of Chery into the Pakistani market is not just about automobiles; rather, it is about embracing the advancement of transportation in the future. The Omoda E5 and the Jaecoo J7 are more than just modes of transportation; they represent a dedication to advancement, sustainability, and a more intelligent approach to moving forward.


Finally, Chery’s move into the electric and hybrid car market in Pakistan marks the start of a new era in transportation. As things change, Chery wants people in Pakistan to join the movement and embrace a future where electric and hybrid cars change not only how we drive but also how we think about a green future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can Pakistani consumers expect the Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7 to be available?

Chery plans to roll out its new models in the coming months. Stay tuned for official announcements on availability.

What makes Chery’s electric and hybrid cars stand out from the competition?

Chery’s cars stand out due to their innovative designs, intelligent features, and a global reputation for technological excellence.

How is Chery contributing to environmental sustainability in Pakistan?

Chery contributes to sustainability through its all-electric Omoda E5 and the upcoming plug-in hybrid version of the Jaecoo J7.

Are there plans for expanding Chery’s electric and hybrid lineup in Pakistan?

Chery is actively exploring opportunities to expand its electric and hybrid model range in Pakistan, offering more choices to consumers.

Where can consumers find more information about Chery’s upcoming models and announcements?

For the latest updates and announcements, visit Chery Pakistan’s official website and follow their social media channels.