Change the Name of Your iPhone, Apple gives iPhone users a lot of ways to make their phones unique. You can change the writing size, add more than one lock screen, pick your wallpaper, and even change your device’s name.

That’s correct! You can quickly and easily give your iPhone a unique name, picture, or phrase. It could be Hakuna Matata, Half-Eaten Apple, or just your name. These five easy steps will show you how to change the name on your iPhone.

How to Change the Name of Your iPhone in 5 Steps

We can help you customize your phone or just make it easy to find.

To change your iPhone’s name, do what’s written below.

1. Go to the main menu.

Click On Setting

iOS has a settings app

2. Click on “General.”

general setting

Setting up iOS in general

3. Press “About.”

iphone about

The “About” button in iOS

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4. Pick Name.

iphone name

Name Field in iOS’s General Settings

5. Make the name different. Delete the name that’s there now and type the name you want in the empty spot. When you’re done, press Back to save your changes.

new name in iphone

Name Change in iOS

Repeat the steps above to see your phone’s new name and make sure that the name has changed. You can also check it by using your phone’s hotspot or Airdrop feature and seeing how its name shows up on the list of devices that can join.

Why should you change the name of your iPhone?

Changing the name of your iPhone can help you make it your own and set it apart from other devices, whether you’re setting up a new one or an old one. It’s especially helpful if you have more than one Apple gadget and want to tell them apart quickly.

You should give your iPhone a unique name if you want to be able to find it in the Find My app or use Bluetooth or Airdrop to send something. This makes it easy for you and other people to find your device and keeps your private data safe, especially when you’re on a public internet connection or WiFi hotspot.

In conclusion

Since there are so many names you can give your iPhone, why not try something fun? Check out how you feel about owning Money Spent. Well, calling on Black Panther or listening in on calls with my phone. You can change your name again by following the steps above if you get tired of the one you have. Have fun customizing!


What takes place when I change the name of my iPhone?
If you change your iPhone’s name, it won’t change any other settings.

How do I give my iPhone hotspot a new name?
To change your iPhone’s hotspot, do what was said above.

How many times can I change the name on my iPhone?
You can change the name of your iPhone as many times as you want.

Why did my iPhone change its name by itself?
It takes place when two devices with the same name try to join to the same WiFi network at the same time. Name changes to name(1) and name(2) most of the time.