Top Phones in Pakistan
Top 10 Phones in Pakistan With Price & Specs 2024

Choosing the right smartphone can be hard in this fast-paced digital world, especially since there are so many options on the market. As you look for a flagship smartphone with cutting-edge features or a phone that is affordable and good value for money, knowing the best phones in Pakistan for 2024 can help you make…

The Xiaomi 14 starts at about Rs. 300,000 globally.

Here’s a table summarizing the specifications of the Xiaomi 14, 14 Ultra, and 14 Pro: Feature Xiaomi 14 Xiaomi 14 Ultra Xiaomi 14 Pro (China Only) Chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Operating System Xiaomi’s HyperOS based on Android 14 Xiaomi’s HyperOS based on Android 14 Xiaomi’s HyperOS…

Apple iPhone 16
New Camera Design is introduced in the Apple iPhone 16

Redefining Camera Design of Apple iPhone 16 Apple’s reported departure from its traditional camera layout for the Apple iPhone 16 signals a bold shift. Instead of the horizontal alignment, Apple may adopt a vertical stacking akin to Samsung phones. However, this move likely aims at enhancing functionality rather than mere emulation. Embracing Innovation Positioning the…

Sparx Edge Series
Release of Sparx Edge Series of Smartphones in 2024

Introduction The tech world is abuzz with the latest announcements from Sparx smartphones, powered by Deploy Group, as they unveil their newest innovation, the Sparx Edge Series. Leading this groundbreaking initiative is the illustrious superstar, Mahira Khan, who assumes the role of brand ambassador for the Sparx smartphone Edge series. With her radiant charm and…

Top Selling Mobile Phones In Pakistan
10 Top-Selling Mobile Phones in Pakistan 2024

This piece tells you everything you need to know about the Top-Selling Mobile Phones In Pakistan in January 2024. Pakistani smartphone makers use cutting-edge technologies and tools to make high-quality cell phones. They are always coming up with new ideas and trying to beat each other to the top. Many amazing smartphones from global names,…

Realme Narzo N53
New Upcoming Phone Realme Narzo N53 in Pakistan Feb 2024

Introduction to the Realme Narzo N53 The smartphone market is ever-evolving, with new models continuously entering the fray. One such anticipated release is the Realme Narzo N53, set to make its debut in Pakistan in February 2024. With a slew of advanced features and promising specifications, the Narzo N53 aims to capture the attention of…

Government Mobile Phones
Apply Now for Government Mobile Phones in Easy Installments (2024)

With its new “Government Mobile Phones for All” project, Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Technology plans to make smartphones much easier for everyone. This project aims to make smartphones more accessible to everyone by offering easy payment plans. This will help people with trouble with money and encourage the use of technology for economic growth….

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