How to remove pen stains, You might not like seeing pen stains on your clothes, especially if you just found them on your favourite outfit. Whether you accidentally swipe a gel pen at something or a ballpoint pen leaks, it’s crucial to remove ink spots quickly and correctly. Through this guide, we’ll look at some effective ways to get pen spots out of clothes so they look brand new again.

Getting to Know the Different Kinds of Pen Stains

It’s important to know what kind of pen mark you have before you look into how to get rid of it. There are different kinds of ink marks that ballpoint, fountain, and gel pens can leave on cloth, and each one needs a different method to get rid of it.

There are a lot of ballpoint pen stains in schools and businesses. The ink in these stains is usually oil-based, which makes them hard to get rid of.

Fountain Pen Stains:

Liquid ink from fountain pens can spread quickly on cloth and leave bigger stains if not cleaned right away.

Gel Pen Stains:

Because they are gel-based, gel pens leave behind intense colours that can be hard to remove.

Please exercise caution when attempting to remove pen stains.

Before you try to get rid of the pen stains on your clothes, you need to make sure you don’t hurt the fabric even more.

Testing on a Hidden Area:

Before using any stain remover, make sure it doesn’t damage or change the colour of a small, hidden part of the clothing.

Using the Right Supplies:

Some ways of getting rid of stains may work better than others, depending on the type of ink and cloth. Before you start, make sure you have everything you need, like alcohol, vinegar, or store-bought spot removers.

Moving Fast:

Moving quickly is important for getting rid of stains. It’s easier to get rid of fresh ink spots than dried ones, so don’t wait to fix the problem.

Effective Ways to How to Remove Pen Stains

Certain household items can get rid of pen stains on clothes, but it depends on the type of ink and the fabric. Here are some methods that have proven effective:

Using Hairspray or Alcohol:

Spray hairspray or rubbing alcohol directly on the stain, and then dab it with a clean cloth until the ink moves to the fabric.

Putting dish soap and vinegar to use:

You can make a cleaner by mixing dish soap and white vinegar. Apply the mixture to the affected area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then, use cold water to rinse it off.

How to Use Lemon Juice and Salt:

Apply salt to the affected area and then squeeze lemon juice onto it. Do not rub the salt into the fabric too hard. Instead, let it sit for an hour before washing it.

Business Stain Removers:

If the do-it-yourself ways don’t work, you might want to try a store-bought stain remover made just for ink stains.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove pen stains.

To get rid of pen stains effectively, follow these steps:

1. Figure out the type of pen ink: Check to see if the stain came from a gel pen, a ballpoint pen, or a fountain pen.
2. Get the Stained Area Ready: Put a clean cloth under the stained area to stop the ink from going anywhere else.
3. Apply the Chosen Stain Remover: Use the way you choose to get rid of the stain on it.
4. Rinse and Repeat if Needed: Rinse the cloth under cold water and do the steps again if the stain doesn’t come out.

Tips for Pen Stains That Won’t Come Out

If you have pen marks that won’t come out, try these tips:

  • If you have an old toothbrush, gently scrub the stain with it to help get the ink out of the fibres of the cloth.
  • Blotting with Paper Towels: First, use paper towels to soak up any extra ink on the spot before using a stain remover.
  • Avoiding Heat: Do not use hot water or heat on the spot; this can set the ink and make it harder to get rid of.

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Care for Clothes Afterward

If you want to make sure the pen stain doesn’t come back, do these things:

Washing and Drying:

Wash the item as usual, making sure to follow the care advice on the label.

Checking for Stains That Are Still There:

After washing, double-check the cloth to ensure the stain has completely disappeared. If there is still leftover, either repeat the stain removal process or think about having someone clean it for you.

Keeping Pen Stains from Happening Again

If you don’t want to get pen marks on your clothes again, try these tips:

How to Store Pens Correctly: When not in use, keep pens’ caps on to avoid leaks and spills.
Keeping Pens Away from Clothes: To keep your clothes from getting stained by mistake, don’t carry pens in your pockets or put them close to your clothes.


It can be annoying to deal with pen spots on clothes, but if you How to Remove Pen Stains. Before picking a stain removal method, make sure you know what kind of ink and fabric you have. Also, always be careful not to do more damage. You’ll be able to handle pen spots with confidence after reading these tips. Your clothes will always look clean and new.

Frequently Ask Question

Can bleach get rid of pen stains on clothes?

Bleach shouldn’t be used to get rid of pen stains because it can change the colour of the cloth and damage it. Use better ways to get rid of stains, like vinegar or alcohol.

What do I do if the pen mark doesn’t come out the first time I try?

If the mark stays after one try, either do the process again or try a different one. Some spots may require multiple treatments to completely disappear.

Can I use a fan to dry the clothes faster after getting rid of a pen stain?

If you want to avoid heat damage, let the item air dry after removing a pen stain.